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This is part two of an ongoing series to share 'digitaliKa', a concept to simplify how to discover, solution and deploy SAP Solutions.

After all conceptual discussions, we thought it would be a good idea to put together a demo of the operating principles of digitaliKa. We're showcasing digitaliKa on Level 1, not its full-fledged end-state, and highlight 5 key steps of the flow.

The team working on digitaliKa has put together a hands-on  / LoFi technical demo to showcase above flow. Courtesy Oleg Figlin, Hermann Reiter, Jan Musil, Marc-Alexander Winter. Duration is 15 minutes. Click on the chart to start the demo.

Note: This demo showcases the operating principles of digitaliKa, not its final look and feel or any type of solution. It does not represent a commitment or plan to develop such a solutions.

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