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At SAP Services we are finalising a concept to radically simplify how medium complex IT solutions can be sold and delivered. We call it DigitaliKa.

Interestingly in Tech Services the process Discovery > Solutioning  > Delivery involves still a lot of handshakes and labour. If it can not be addressed by easy-to-consume cloud-solutions, what can you do to simplify?

We found that combining IP & digitisation is a big lever for medium-complex solutions. That is what the term DigitaliKa shall evoke. We will elaborate in several posts about what it is, and what to expect from it.

That much so far: We were stunned by the results. We think the concept is applicable to up to 40% of the projects we conduct, gaining efficiencies of 40% and more, whilst reducing time to value and risks for our customers.

Results from early pilots are validating our assumptions and estimates.

Impact of level 1 implementation of digitaliKa.
chart: digitalika - impact of first pilots on go-to-market and delivery.

This possibly will be a game-changer for SAP customers with a material impact on providers of implementation services inside the SAP Service Economy - a market worth 34 billion USD.

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