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At the core of every digital transformation is mobile analytics. More than ever, businesses are focused on delivering growth and profitability with faster, better-informed decision making. And with enterprise mobility solutions, we can intelligently integrate strategic data assets to provide actionable insight with agility and innovation.

Mobile analytics represents the last mile in delivering actionable insight—the final bridge that connects decision to action.

While rapid growth in technologies such as cloud, big data, predictive analytics, the Internet of Things, and machine learning are all feeding a deluge of data, we are no longer short of information. And yet, we still long for insight, which is propelling businesses of all sizes—not just the Fortune 500—to find ways to harness the power of mobile analytics.

But there’s one common mistake that many organizations make: Taking mobile analytics for granted and perceiving it as a commodity. Such a perception risks the loss of momentous opportunities. Mobile analytics cannot help us realize the ultimate promise of digital transformation, unless it’s considered as a strategic pillar on its own, not an afterthought.

Just like enterprise mobility isn’t about providing one or two sexy apps, accessing reports on a mobile device isn’t synonymous with mobile analytics. It demands a shift in mindset to reshape the conversation so we can embolden leadership and empower our organizations.

The promise of mobile analytics in the digital age

Digital transformation does not change the value proposition for mobile innovation, and what I call the Triple-A standard for mobile analytics: “Anywhere, Anyplace, Anytime.” But instead, it reinforces unmatched opportunities we can create with greater urgency, relevance, and capacity.

Any data—structured or unstructured, big data or small data, on premise or in the cloud—will continue to fuel every aspect of the digital economy. However, a fundamental question remains: How do we deliver growth and profitability with it?

Mobile analytics provides the greatest opportunity for digital transformation because its potency to transform is unlimited. Its reach is exponentially higher. And perhaps more importantly, its impact is directly applicable when designed, delivered, and managed effectively.

The digital economy demands a mobile-first approach to reestablish the strategic value for shifting the focus from data to insight and advancing the mobile innovation to accelerate the speed at with which we turn insight into action.

The relevance of mobile analytics in the digital age

Mobile analytics is becoming more prevalent and more relevant as the gap between consuming analytics content on a desktop computer versus a mobile device is disappearing rapidly.

This convergence is even more noticeable between smartphones and tablets. In fact, smartphones are emerging as the preferred point of consolidation for daily tasks and actions in our personal and professional lives.

We can no longer take traditional means of data delivery and presentation for granted. Instead, we must continue to innovate by finding new ways to harness strategic data assets to empower a new generation of talent that associates the future of work with cutting-edge tools for faster and better-informed decisions.

Bottom line

The reach of mobile analytics for digital transformation isn’t limited to a particular domain because its applications extend across all industries, business models, and technologies. This enormous promise is brought to life with the Run Simple vision – which is ingrained in leadership, talent, and a culture of innovation, not technology.

Remember, each digital transformation journey is filled with things that are known and unknown, planned and unplanned, anticipated and unanticipated. We can seal, fix, or eliminate the gaps for the known, planned, and anticipated. However, when the unknown, unplanned, and unanticipated surfaces, it’s our team’s passion and ingenuity that thrusts us forward to make a difference and ultimately transform our organizations.

The future of decision making is built on digital platforms that make the most of mobile analytics because it empowers commitment over indecision, action over inaction, and passion over indifference.

Digital transformation isn’t a technology makeover; it’s a business revolution!

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