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When did “digital marketing” become a favorite buzzword in meetings, presentations and coffee talk? At first, I just didn’t get it. After all, customers moved away from picking up the phone, glancing at direct mail and collecting brochures a long time ago. Who hasn’t searched and shipped on in the last 10 years, searched on Google, or tried their hand at social media (or at least thought about it)?

So why now all the hype about digital?

Because in the last four years, the move away from traditional marketing – print ads, radio ads, billboards and more has been dramatic. In the last 18 months, even more so. At mach speed customers are doing independent online digital research. There are more digital media options at our disposal, thanks to social media. According to IDC’s 2014 tech Marketing Barometer, digital marketing is the main priority for marketing spend among IT vendors, and IDC predicts trend will continue.

So what does this mean for vendors like SAP, and our reselling, service and implementation partners? It signals opportunity of course. also means we all MUST get with the digital revolution and make sure we are marketing this way.

The alternative? There is none.

The good news is, SAP just recently was named “Best in Class” by IDC for digital marketing support for its partners. And in a follow-up analysis, IDC shows how SAP stacks up against other vendors. Hint: it’s pretty darn good.

Take a look at the opinion study from IDC, “Digital Marketing: Helping Partners Succeed.” It’s a quick read and will give you insight into:

  • The impact of the digital media movement on channel partners--and the opportunity it brings
  • Insight on digital marketing offerings from vendors including IBM, SAP, Salesforce and Microsoft
  • Education, enablement and resources vendors offer, including some of the best from SAP
  • Guidance for partners on how to boost your digital marketing efforts and leverage all that you vendor offers you

SAP offers rich agency support and a self-service campaigns and resources, not to mention deep marketing education through its Marketing Academy, and demand generation e-learning. When you become an SAP partner, you can be sure that SAP is there to give you complete digital marketing education and very accessible campaigns and resources to pin point your target market, create the right messages, and gain high ROI on your digital marketing investments.

See the IDC Opinion Report Now