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Below is a collection of #digital tweets from the last 2 weeks – from my perspective the trends, tips and digital news that’s worth a read whether you’re a casual observer or a fellow CDO.

10 Apr 2016 Atom becomes the UK’s first digital-only bank. With no branches or call centers, all contact is via an app through which customers can talk to a 30-strong service team. Read more.

13 Apr 2016 Think Siri, Google Now, and Amazon Echo are the only voice-recognition-powered virtual assistants? Think again. Check out the New York-based startup,, which has raised more than $23M for a bot that helps arrange meetings.

14 Apr 2016 Is Sofia, Bulgaria the next great digital city in new markets? With favorable tax rates and a booming start-up scene, Plamen Russev, the Bulgarian entrepreneur and investor, certainly thinks so. Check out his Q & A with Forbes here.

15 Apr 2016 Since technology is changing the way organizations compete, companies that can successfully leverage the new digital tools for office space will outperform their rivals. Read more about the digitally personalized, highly connected offices.

18 Apr 2016 Eric Stoller of examines why the digital capabilities that matter are an ever-evolving mix. He lists his nine reasons why digital capabilities matter here.

19 Apr 2016 Suresh Ramakrishnan of SAP Digital says data is the lifeblood of the Digital Economy. Increased Data Availability and Improved Data Accessibility made possible by advancements in technology are fueling this growth. Check it out.

20 Apr 2016 It’s no secret that technology causes some surprising health problems; but there are some ways to combat the ill effects of technology overuse. Read more.

21 Apr 2016 Everyone knows Uber and AirBnB disrupted the transportation and hotel industries, and now experts are predicting similar transformations in the banking and real estate industries. Learn why companies (and industries) must adapt or die.