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Below is a collection of #digital tweets from last 2 weeks – from my perspective the trends, tips and digital news that’s worth a read whether you’re a casual observer or a fellow CDO.

  • 2 Aug 2015 easy steps to improving your digital presence. Read this to know if your digital presence (or absence) is sabotaging your career options.

  • 6 Aug 2015 Guided by a growth-oriented, customer first mindset, CIOs should welcome the arrival of CDOs. CIO and CDO partnerships are crucial for the business growth. Click here to read article from Madhur Aggarwal

  • 7 Aug 2015 Technology and strategy are two factors that are inextricably linked and for an organization to transform digitally, need both to act in tandem. Read this

  • 8 Aug 2015 Winning in digital marketing is difficult because consumers are overwhelmed with content. Read this to know what it takes to be relevant in digital


  • 10 Aug 2015 Former CEO talks about how the problems in current digital ad ecosystem are revealing themselves and how is it broken. Read more

  • 11 Aug 2015 What a digital tip jar can tell us about tipping behaviors, manners and technology. Read here how digital tipping could make us more generous.

  • 11 Aug 2015 BBVA is aiming to be the best digital bank of the 21st century. Excited to see what it means to be a digital bank, read more about it.

  • 13 Aug 2015 In 1975, Steven Sasson, a young engineer invented the digital photographic process. His bosses didn’t take him seriously and commented "nobody would like to see their pictures on TV". His employer? Eastman Kodak. Read more

  • 14 Aug 2015 Affordable digital content is unchaining college students from pricey bookstore rates. Bookstores remain a classy way to buy books, but digital books are now more popular than libraries. Read here in details

  • 15 Aug 2015 Perhaps the most surprising thing Tumi (manufacturer of suitcases and bags for travel) learned is that men window-shop. Not on the street, mind you, but online. Read more

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