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The author is Balázs Buday.

After giving a speech at User Experience Budapest Meetup back in May 2014, Daniel Juhasz and myself got invited to App!mobile conference organized by HWSW, one of the greatest Hungarian online IT magazine. The conference was quite big, all together there were 60 speakers from different areas: traditional mobile software development, Ux, mobile ads, m(mobile)-commerce, mobile payment, etc….

Daniel and I decided that we will share the Design Thinking story of SAP with the audience. We also decided that we will do a joint speak, to make it more colorful and also maintain some dynamism on the stage. We shortly talked about where SAP came from, what kind of background we have, and we pointed out that the challenges caused by the rapid change of the world also affect our company, so the Design Thinking methodology is one of our answers to the challenges. Then we continued with a summary about the elements and attributes of DT, underlying with multiple stories from the world. One of our goals was to emphasize that this powerful method may help not only in our corporate software world, but also in other areas of the software development like the mobile software industry.

Overall, we got positive feedback to our topic and presentation. Only a small percentage of the audience has ever heard about DT, and our topic was a great kick-off for the Development track. It was a good choice to speak in pair, and the structure of our story was also coherent. I have learned that speaking to a big audience (100+) requires very strong presentation skills besides the professional expertise, and I truly admire the speakers who are natural --- for me, I still have a ton of things to learn.

(on the pictures- from left to right- Balázs Buday and Dániel Juhász )