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I would like to drive a collaboration network and platform for the defense and security industry. The purpose of this thread is to seek active participant and potential collaborators as I plan to create between the different groups as to share the challenges and obstacles especially in finance, human resources, logistics and procurement. Defense and security remains one out of three largest public sector spending in any given country and since national sovereign is important in the upkeep of peace and national balanced well being, management of finances and human resources are the bedrock of prudent operational efficiency.

As to support continuity and drive, I would like to welcome feedback and suggestions in context of building the local DEIG in Malaysia.

Among the collaborators in mind are as a start stakeholders in the segment, myNEF (New Entrepreneur Foundation) in which is a NGO driving to build a stronger, better network of local bumiputra-based technopreneurs via their bumiputra demand aggregator program and merger & acquisition (M&A) program.

Appreciate the input and feedback.