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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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SAP NetWeaver 2004s, starting in SP Stack 12, includes a few unofficial, unsupported yet useful tools that might be helpful to developers of all kinds. One of them, Navigation Reporter, makes it easier to understand what happens when navigation occurs and to diagnose problems. For a basic background on how navigation works, see Navigating in the Portal in the portal developer's guide.

Navigation Reporter

When the reporter is turned on (basically turning on "navigation" debug mode), the navigation steps that occur are listed in an iView on the bottom of the page. The list appears on every page, once the reporter is turned on. For example, the following shows what might appear regularly when navigating to the Content Administration role. If you want to get navigation debug messages, set the logging location to DEBUG severity or lower (using the Log Watch, as described in my last blog, and navigate to the portal in debug mode by adding the URL parameter DEBUG_MODE. The value o fthe property is not important. For example, type something like http://myserver:50000/irj/portal?DEBUG_MODE, and you get something like this. Now the portal is ready to provide navigation information. If you again navigate to the Content Administration role, then you might see messages like this. The messages describe what the navigation service is doing, and what nodes are returned. You can see the children of nodes, as well as details about what connectors where called and what nodes they returned. For more information, see Debugging Tools: Log Watch, Navigation Reporter and Navigation Debugger.