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Hey, my name is Katarina (Kati) Fischer and I am the SAP Mentors Program Manager. Today, I give you access to my private diary. Please join my journey to SAPPHIRE NOW 2018!

In this diary, I write down my excitement for SAPPHIRENOW and give you countless reasons why you should be excited too! Want to meet SAP Mentors at SAPPHIRENOW? Continue reading as I share with you SAP Mentors sessions and activities rundown that you can’t miss!

April 15

Dear Diary, Is SAPPHIRE now the right event for me? Yes! Looks like! How do I know? I used the new interactive tool to select my role and access how I can personally benefit from attending the event. Very nice tool!


April 20

Dear Diary, Whowhooooo… I am going to SAPPHIRE!! ! I have to book a flight and hotel for Orlando.
I read all the material and found something interesting on the page 

I think they used either me with my sunglasses and photoshopped the SAPPHIRENOW tagline into the glasses, or it is our SAP Mentor Susan Keohan. Compare this! What do you think?

Anyways, I need to make sure that I pack my sunglasses!

(Photos: SAP, Susan Keohan)

April 22

Dear Diary! I am so glad we have the survival guide from tammy.powlas3. With her insights on SAPPHIRENOW, I am ready to attend the event like a champ! ?

You can also read her blogs here:
“Feels like the first time: Tips for First Timers at #SAPPHIRENOW #ASUG2018 @SAPPHIRENOW – Part 1
“Attend #SAPPHIRENOW #ASUG2018 for the First Time like a Champ – Part 2

Photo: Tammy Powlas


May 01

Dear Diary! I had a look at the of keynote speakers leaders and special guests #Scream!!! Jon Bon Jovi (I wanna perform with the SAP Mentors Jam Band the Song “Summer of 69” with him, do you think it’s too much dreaming?)

I love skiing and have to meet Lindsey Vonn! Especially since I read the 10 facts about her in the Esquire Magazin I admire her – did you know that she doesn’t like the cold, was bad at other sports, She’s superstitious, She's fidgety before a race, She wants to compete against men, Her dogs have their own Instagram Vonndogs … LOL
Jocelyne and Monique Lamoureux who say “Hockey isn’t just for boys”  - yeah that's the way to go!

And last but not least Amy Purdy who is such a great fighter, she became a professional snowboarder despite losing both her legs to meningitis. I love her TED Talk. This all sounds really interesting and encouraging!

May 02

Dear Diary, Gooooooood Morning - Oh my, there are so many interesting sessions going on and so many meeting - I have to build my agenda by selecting the contents that are most valuable to me. I think I am going to send this agenda to myself and share it with my colleagues. I was so curious and wanted to know how the show floor will look like. This year they have a 3D show floor map that will help me  gain an overview on what will be offered.

But Coffee first!

May 04

Dear Diary, Maaann, I never win anything! But this time I have the feeling I could! As I browse the SAP Community I am participating the online SAP Mentors Treasure hunt that happens right now on SAP Community. Cool gear to win!


Cross your fingers!

May 05

Dear Diary, I am so proud of the SAP Mentors leading sessions at 2018 ASUG Annual Conference, co-located with SAPPHIRENOW. SAP Mentor Tammy Powlas did a great summary, SAP Mentor Magic Sessions for your Consideration at #ASUG2018 #SAPPHIRENOW @SAPMentors. I am thinking about registering today for the ASUG Conference – shall I?

Ok I did some more investigation on ASUG and reviewed  Tammy Powlas blog, 2018 ASUG Annual Conference – Where Success Meets You #ASUG2018 #SAPPHIRENOW – I decided that this year I am going to kick off my SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference a day early by attending ASUG Pre-Conference on June 4!

I am so happy that I was able to join today’s Community Webcast “Getting Ready for 2018 ASUG Annual Conference – What you need to know #ASUG2018” hosted by SAP Mentors to learn more about it all!

And look at all the mentors that are holding sessions there – all the happy faces!

After the ASUG conference on Monday I will run to the SAP Mentors Partyyyyyyyy! We will be continuing the great tradition of hosting a Mentors & Friends Reception stay tuned for some nice pics from our SAP Mentors, Partners, Customers on Twitter by following @sapmentors @sapphirenow on Twitter! Here is a picture from the SAP Mentors Reception at SAP TechEd Barcelona. Believe me – this is a great troop!

Photo: Frank Koehntopp


May 6

Dear Diary, I had a really strange dream. I was dreaming that my colleague Svea and I were meeting with Justin Timberlake – here a picture of my dream.

I am freeeeaaking out!!! Justin Timberlake, music icon, actor, and performer extraordinaire, will grace our concert stage at SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference. We will have a private concert performance! I have to convince him to meet the SAP Mentors for a feedback session!!


May 7

Hallo Diary, Diversity and inclusion are critical to competitiveness in the digital economy. Our goal at SAP is to foster a culture where people are treated with fairness and respect, have a sense of value and belonging, and the opportunity to be inspired by each other. I am so happy that there are sessions and activities around Diversity and Inclusion at SAPPHIRENOW. Here is my plan, do you want to join?

TUESDAY JUNE 5TH, 3:00 pm: How technology can drive Business Beyond Bias for the LGBT Community //6:30 - 8:00 pm We Are One Cocktail Party co-sponsored by Thomson Reuters

WEDNESDAY JUNE 6TH  11:30 am Learn Why Innovation and Women in Leadership Matter // 12:30 am Rethinking HR to move your Business Beyond Bias // 2:00 pm Appreciate the Benefits of Neurodiversity

THURSDAY JUNE 7TH 2:30 pm Create a Gender-Diverse Applicant Pool Through Machine Learning

May 22

Hola Diary,  today I learned that I have a new boss leading the Community and Influencer programs (yeah) – and he @ccmehil is coming with us to SAPPHIRENOW! I am excited to do this journey with him.


May 23rd

Dear Diary: I am now finalizing our SAP Mentors plans, confirm agendas, schedule some more meetings and finally start to think about what to pack.

But what’s going on this year with the SAP Mentors? What’s the Plan? Where can I find them? What are they doing? Ok, here is a rundown of all the great sessions and activities featuring the SAP Mentors at SAPPHIRE NOW across three exciting days of learning, networking and collaboration.  Hold onto your hats…there’s a lot to share.


And now some headline numbers:

  • 45 SAP Mentors, 6 SAP Technology Ambassadors (WIP), 17 SAP Mentor Alumni and 3 Program Team Members will be attending this year’s conference.

    • 26 SAP Mentors, SAP Technology Ambassadors and Alumni will present a total of 50 unique sessions

    • 22 will be ASUG sessions and 27 SAPPHIRE NOW sessions

    • Making a total of 2,200 minutes or 36.3 hours of great content.

  • 15 exclusive feedback discussions with SAP Executives and subject matter experts will have SAP Mentors participating

  • 17 Meetups on show floor will be hosted and moderated by SAP Mentors.

Plus SAP Mentors will also be involved in the following activities:

  • SAP Partner Summit: 11 SAP Mentors will participate in the SAP Partner Summit on 4th June in Hyatt.

  • Did you hear about the SAP HANA Innovation Awards 2018: SAP Mentors, Jamie Oswald and Owen Pettiford, and Mentor Alumni - Manju Bansal, were judges for the SAP HANA Innovation Awards which will be showcased at the conference. Looking forward!

  • And much more such as Booth Tours, SAPPHIRE EverGreen Studio interviews, Sap Mentors attending Media and Analyst sessions, …


Here is a comprehensive schedule of all SAP Mentors sessions you will be hearing from!


May 24

Dear Diary, I’m so excited!! I don’t even know where to begin!

Although it is my 10th time at SAPPHIRE, I am again very excited to meet all the SAP Mentors in just 2 weeks. What to wear, what to visit, who to meet?

And isn’t it cool that I will have my lovely team mate Svea Becker with me?

I will stop my diary for now as I have to pack my bags then, as every year I have too many clothes and at the end I am only going to wear my SAP Mentors shirt all days… haha.

This year’s SAPPHIRE NOW is shaping up to be the best ever and I can’t wait to be there in a couple of weeks.

Tschüss und bis bald! Kati