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These days, it seems that everyone in enamored with all things digital. Digital transformation.  Digital dashboards. People are even writing and speaking in "Digital English" (please don’t!). And while all buzzwords come and go, there’s two that have always remained in our lexicon: “disruption” and “transformation”. 

Technology certainly is creating opportunities that barely existed yesterday and can now bulldoze a business tomorrow. But you cannot blame digital disruption on technology alone. In reality, it’s the business models underlying its use that erode some competitors’ foothold in the market.

Think about it: Netflix knocked out Blockbuster. Pandora ate iTunes’ lunch. TaskRabbit creates new markets. What do these disruptions have in common?  Each is an example of a company using digital technology to support a new business model that create unheard-of value to the customer. That’s right – it’s all about value creation through digital transformation.  

Does this mean that the businesses world now belongs to inspired hipsters who guzzle Redbull , survive on Minecraft, and “app” their way through life? Well, not at all.  Even corporate types are coming up with all sorts of new products, ideas, and processes that use digital technology to unleash untapped business value and potential. And many businesses are realizing that it’s worth spending their time and energy on driving success around digital transformation – especially when it comes from moving from bottom- to top-line benefits. 

At this year’s SAPPHIRE NOW, we’re getting ready to help businesses like yours prepare for the digital leap. We’ll share how organizations big and small are exploring new business models to accelerate their transformation. For example, our Digital Business Services lounge will featured General Motors’ experience in capturing the "art of transformation"  Aligning their financials road map to their innovation strategy, the company is designing a connected car that will deliver a whole new level of customer experience. Discover how the business model canvas is becoming a great tool and thoughtful approach for General Motors to think through ways to innovate their business model and create new ones.

Do you have an experience using business model innovation techniques?  Join us in the Digital Business Services lounge on Tuesday, May 17 at 2pm or on Wednesday, May 18 at 5pm  to dive in and discuss these methods with us.  We’d love to hear what you have to share.