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By now you have surely come across these expressions: Data is the new Gold or Data is the new Oil (depending on your trading stocks preferences). What we can ascertain is that data is everywhere: it is pervasive and we are inundated by it.

Yet, very few organizations have managed to truly tap into the full potential that data can bring.

Here are other interesting questions to consider: what is the data that you are missing today to innovate your business processes? And how do you acquire it? What is the right way to analyze it? Do you have the right skills in-house or do you need to look for them? And by the way…what is the problem you are trying to solve at the first place?

To make real sense of data for your organization is not an easy task, as these questions suggest. You may need guidance and expertise to identify how data can help, and build the right infrastructure that will meet your goals.

Did you know that SAP has just launched a set of comprehensive services that will help you throughout your Big Data Journey? They are taking you from the identification of data-driven business opportunities to the deployment of a Big Data environment for your organization.

Here are a few suggested sessions at SAPPHIRE NOW to learn more about the potential of Big Data applied to multiple industries and use cases:

TE13933 Change Business as Usual with Big Data Initiatives

Hear how to use Big Data initiatives to reinvent your business, and learn how you can turn opportunity into big-time results.         Discover how the NFL, Norwegian Cruise Lines, and Seoul National University Bundang Hospital used data-driven strategies to create new revenue, improve efficiency in operations, analyze behavior, and predict trends.

TE13979 Improve Revenue Through Predictive Insights

Explore ways to gain predictive insights from intelligent data. Find out how Norwegian Cruise Line is using SAP technology to better predict passenger needs and maximize per-person revenue as it transitions its enterprise data warehouse to a predictive data hub.

IN14169 Change the Game in Your Industry Using Big Data

This discussion details the top 10 ways organizations are using Big Data projects to inspire innovation and make improvements to their businesses.

To learn more about Big Data and the SAP difference, we suggest also this Big Data Services Flipbook.

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