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You might be interested to know that SAP’s Customer Solution Adoption organization is taking part in WISPubs’ “BI 2013” event in Amsterdam this year. This session was completely full at BI 2013 Las Vegas, and will be held in Amsterdam 11-13 June.  See BI 2013 for more information. 

I’ll be presenting Dashboards 4.0 best practices with my colleague Alexandre Dussac. This release represents a major step towards large scale enterprise dashboarding deployments by leveraging the BI4 platform and features like direct query binding, localization and translation features, auditing and caching to name a few.

You will be given the opportunity to play with the software by creating your own dashboard and see how it can bring value to your company's BI strategy.

Here is a preview of what we're going to cover.

The exercises will help you go through Dashboards 4.0 interface and guide you on preparing your workspace and using templates and previewing a dashboard.

You will then go through the latest features like:

- Direct query binding (e.g., ability to leverage data from a Universe with the query panel) with several chart types (bar charts, scorecards)

- Implement dashboards best practices to ensure good performance (query filters, prompts,implementing a query refresh button ...)

- Content linking using BI Workspace: ability to pass context from a dashboard to another dashboard or report.

- Localization and translation: You will apply localized formats to dates and numbers, apply currency symbols that are independent of localized formats and you will translate text in an enterprise dashboard automatically.

- Mobile dashboards: you will take an existing dashboard and make it mobile compliant.

For more information, on this Hands-on session and others, visit the web site at BI 2013 Amsterdam

I hope to see you in Amsterdam.