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Hi Guys,

Latest Notes in the CUS area:

To enable import processing in the United States with the customs system Automated Commercial Environment (ACE), various adjustments are required. In this regard SAP notes 2272469, 2267935, 2234310, 2227043, 2207937, 2181876, 21597402157810 and  2257348 have been created or updated.

To solve problems with the Spanish import certificate notes 2280455, 2281643 and 2280454 have been written.

1241609, 2138118, 1991619, 1519397, 1519396 were updated with new versions.

Errors in the
Package monitoring are solved by new notes 2271625, 2242225, 2275861, 2272861.

There also were some errors regarding the customs waybill which are solved with notes 2270039, 2269708, 2264820.

To copy additional codes from the customs warehouse receipt to the customs declaration for free circulation 2269864 has been released, and note 2273324 helps to hide the custom code during the processing of preferential customs duty rates.

In the signature check for an Electronic Assessment Decision (eVV) an error may occur because the signature used by the Swiss customs system is not stored in SAP GTS or couldn’t be determined. The message log for message input in this case points to any information about the signature. With changes from note 2264537 you will get detailed information.

SAP notes 2270890 and 2271596 solve problems with the simulation of the item aggregation and IP closing portions.

In some cases the quantity in the base unit of measure is hidden, even though a product has been entered for the document item. Therefore please apply note 2272111.

During the generation of the determination strategies for document determination, log entries are not made if there is no assignment of countries for a country group and no generation can be performed for this reason. Note 2269707 solves this issue.

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