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Hi Guys,

Latest Notes in the GTS CUS area:

Belgium Customs exchanged EU rule C116 with Belgium rule BR083. SAP Notes 2278969 and 2278970 cover the necessary changes in generic data retrieval. In the context of the new rule, within the general EMCS incompleteness check will be adjusted and the old EU rule C116 will move to country specific rules. SAP Note 2279164 provides adjustments in the related incompleteness check for Belgium, SAP Note 2279161 for Netherlands and SAP Note 2279150 for Germany.

Swiss Customs published legal changes for e-dec 4.0.
Please pay attention to SAP Notes
2278581 and Note 2278586 which provide the necessary SAP adjustments and find general information regarding e-dec 4.0 in SAP Note 2077990.

Danish Customs System now followed the convention to simplify export processes, as Turkey, Macedonia and Servia did before.
SAP Note
2275066 covers the legal change of Danish customs system. From February onwards the customs status in the export declaration does expect “EU” coding.

The option to additionally define the qualifier of the relevant license type in customizing (X002/EU, for example) was provided with SAP Note 2206843. If you are using this option, please kindly check SAP Note 2275718 that resolves a connected program error.

NCTS manually created customs shipments might cause issues in stock postings. Please check SAP Note 2268783 and implement the related program corrections.

The incompleteness check in ATLAS 8.6 will be adjusted with corrections of Note 2274079. After implementing the note, check will allow the option of not specifying seals in the transit declaration of simplified procedure.

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