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Hi Guys,

Here is a list of the latest notes in the Customs area:

Legal Change announcement:

A new EU customs codex will take legal effect across all EU Member States from 1 May 2016. All changes will be collected in the following master note:
2293299  UZK Unionszollkodex

See also
2293383 UZK Unionszollkodex - Zolllager (Besonderes Verfahren Lagerung)

Please review note 2293299 for all updates leading up to the change.

Customs Mgt:

A new KBA 2295184  has been created in relation to information message Message /SAPSLL/CUS_ECC2089 "Maintain time zone for customs office in transaction BP" in supplementary declartions to the UK authorities (Cheif). The KBA outlines the steps to resolve as the field “Settlement Office” should be filled in every supplementary customs declaration before sending an electronic message.

Note 2293941  correct the issue where An incompleteness error is issued in the supplementary declaration for Domestic Issues, on the reference number, even if the correct format (length 10) is specified.

For the ATLAS export declaration ( E_EXP_DAT ) the transmission of the end user is no longer provided for AES 2.3 or AES 2.2 in the 5th correction . Note 2294439  provides further corrections relating to this.

Note 2292489 resolves the issue where aggregation does not occur correctly when container is specified as an aggreation criteria

Note 2162717 Conversion from AES 2.2 to AES 2.3 has been updated to include Other dependent SAP Notes for AES 2.3:

New versions of the attachments to
2138118  EDI conversions - SAP GTS and Seeburger BIS6 have been added ( , BIS6_Version_Matrix.pdf )

During the creation of a declaration, the system sometimes incorrectly determines an old or obsolete commodity code. Note 2296272 resolves this program error.

Note 2293255  contains the correction to allow the manual creation of messages. After implementing the correction a new create button will be available in the communication tab.

On creating a message manually, the system states that the message was created but the message is not displayed in the message tab. Note 2294544  resolves this issue.

Note 2296354 , provides a correction which allows you to use a message for the purporse of incompleteness only. The message has no other output eg. print, idoc, email etc.

Note 2293906  corrects the error where the system does not fill the field E.32, even though a general duty rate was found.


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