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Hi Guys,

Latest Notes in the GTS Customs area:

Implementing 2260033 will allow you to navigate into product master directly by double-clicking the product number tab for general data for the document item, as far as you are authorized for product master data.

Note 2262960 introduces an enhancement of error log for generation of determination strategies. You’ll now be able to get to know the reason why in case no determination strategy could be generated.

Implementing note 2205502 will adjust the calculation of air freight charges percentage in a customs declaration. Prorated costs for non-community portion will be calculated automatically via node table based for starting points and destination points. In case of missing node information 0% will be calculated.

With note 2264261 incompleteness check for customs declarations is enhanced by checking maximum number of documents assigned on header level.

Note 2248828 corrects the issue that there is only one tracking number displayed for a waybill, even though there can be up to three ones assigned to one waybill.

Latest Notes in the GTS Plug-In area:

Note 2249497 introduces a new BAdI method for modification in order to allow you to modify the data mapped in case of  transferring material names from the partner view (vendor view or customer view) from SAP ERP to SAP GTS.

Implementing note 2254799 will allow you to be more flexible in handling of standard deliveries in case of KMAT bills of material in the customer project. This enhancement implements new functions like the deletion of the worklist from the SAP ERP system, the creation of worklist for subitems as standalone and the transfer of KMAT-related data to the user exit. In case you do already use a modification in this context, please note that you have to check your enhancements in detail and then adjust the modification or enhancement accordingly.

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