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We’re pleased to announce the latest issue of SAPinsider, with five articles that cover key aspects of SAP's business and its impact on partners and customers.  Please take a minute to check out the articles online:

Read about SAP Pinnacle Award–winning partners that help customers run simple, with commentary from top industry analysts.

Find out how the SAP SME Solutions portfolio helps companies to address critical business challenges and succeed in the digital economy.

Discover how SAP Anywhere powered by SAP HANA renovates the front office for SMEs - easily and economically. 

Find out how the SAP HANA Could Platform is helping customers and partners alike to quickly build new applications and respond to opportunities in the digital economy. 

As many of you are aware, SAPinsider is an important source of independent information for SAP customers, partners and enthusiasts, reaching more than 125,000 people worldwide.  This feature is important because it helps drive awareness around SAP partners and their significant contribution to our customers’ success.

Happy Reading!