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Customer segmentation is now made easy (even if you have millions of customers :smile: ). Watch this ‘drag and drop’ demo to understand how HANA adds horsepower to customer segmentation!

Knowing what your customer has and what they want is the key to the success of any product within a company. Companies collect a lot of data about their customers but having millions of customers complicates their ability to analyze that data.  What you would really like to do is segment the data into meaningful groups making sure that the right products are targeted to the right customers.

SAP CRM 7.0 EhP1 has an easy, integrated solution for this problem. Now SAP HANA combined with that intuitive interface makes the solution possible for 10 million customer records or more. The segmentation can be done by Customer Behavior or Product (check out this blog for more info). 

The SAP rapid-deployment solution for customer segmentation with SAP HANA can deliver this functionality to you in only 4-5 weeks! So what do you need to have to start this process? Just make sure you have the SAP CRM rapid-deployment solution for Marketing or SAP Marketing License with CRM 7.0 EhP1, a HANA appliance - and you are ready to go! This rapid-deployment solution enables customers to go live with 5 data sources. Then you have flexibility to extend to custom attributes later :smile: . Visit the solution page at for more information and to request a quote.

For more information about Customer Segmentation, check out this ‘Document’ on