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Hi Guys

A new customer connect project to the topic “GTS Preference Management” will start soon.

The Kick-Off-Webinar will take place on Wednesday, 16.12.15 from 4pm to 5 pm (CET).

Content of the Webinar:

• Influence by Customer Connection: Overview

• Schedule and Project Scope

• Customer Connection-Process and Customer Influence-Tool

Details for the new project:
You can find the new project under

There, on the tab “Documents & Events”, the invitation to kick-off call incl. the dial-in details are provided.

For organizational reasons, it is essential that each participant with his or her own DSAG-User logs on. Logons using the comment field are not taken into account.

Further general Information regarding customer connection projects:

Each customer can take part at the Customer Connection projects – regardless of its assignment to a user group. The participation to user groups helps SAP to send the invitations to the customers that are interested. And only the user groups can apply for new projects.

Independently of current projects you have the option to register yourself for customer influence ( ) and to follow your “Area of Interest”. In this case you will be informed, if influence projects start in this area.

GTS relevant projects can be found, for example under  can be individual customers are always installments, on customer influence ( ) to register and their “area of interest to follow. You are then notified if influence the projects in your area start.

  • (GTS projects, you can find, for example, under Products -> Analytics -> "Governance, Risk, Compliance“ or  “Lines of Business -> "Supply Chain”,


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