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Hi Guys,

Latest PlugIn area notes

Note 2294904 corrects a checkman error which occurs in program /SAPSLL/SD0A_OBJSSF_PROCESS_R3.

It might be the case that completely processed order items get re-checked and poss. blocked again, if it refers to items which are not relevant for delivering (third-party items). Correction provided with note 2277572 ensures for such cases that relevance for check isn’t determined by delivery state, but overall processing state of item instead.

Please implement note 2270619 in order to prevent TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED dump during product master data transfer (/SAPSLL/MATMAS_DISTRIBUTE_R3), which might occur if you try to transfer high amount of material data.

For BOM delta transfer BadI /SAPSLL/IF_BOMMAT_R3 provides the possibility to define the package size which is used to explode and transfer BOMs. In case the BadI isn’t implemented though, a program termination might occur due to too high amount of data. In order to prevent this, please implement correction provided with note 2294983, which ensures that there is a default value for package size used instead.

Latest Classification area notes

Please implement note 2265053 if you observe one of the following malfunctions in reclassification (for example via transaction /SAPSLL/PR_RET_A_CUS):

  • Invalid classification periods are created in case new tariff no. isn’t valid at reclassification key date.
  • The change of classification period does not take effect and therefore it isn’t applied.


In case a document incompletion check for a printing message with a check against the item field “Confirmation of Presentation to Customs” is failing as this field is not copied into incompletion check even though it is available in the declaration please implement SAP note 2291902.

To solve the error /SAPSLL/CUS_ECC2 310 “Item 1: Enter a document with type A for procedure Y040“ or the error /SAPSLL/CUS_ECC2 612 “Item 1: Maintain statistical value; value must be greater than zero” during a document incompletion check for a printing message in a belgian export document note 2298521 has been written.

During the upload customs duty rates from XML file in some cases a dump TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED occurres or it has a bad performance. Therefore please apply note 2292978.

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