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Introducing a new rich text editor for commenting and collaboration on the SAP Help Portal. You will be able to conveniently add comments or questions directly in the content. Our technical authors will follow up in the same thread, enabling seamless two-way communication.




example of new multi-threaded commenting feature


Enhance your comments with images, screenshots, hyperlinks, and code snippets for effective sharing of ideas and insights with fellow customers, experts, and our technical authors. Our AI technology ensures a positive experience by preventing inappropriate or abusive comments and it also aids in the instant translation of comments into different languages, making it easier to communicate in the language of your choice.

Simplify communication and collaboration with experts who use SAP products in real-life business scenarios. This will boost the quality of our documentation and better tailor it to customer needs. Let’s work together to enhance SAP software usability, drive innovation, and share knowledge, making documentation better than ever before. Join us in this journey!

We plan to roll this feature out in a phased approach starting in Q4 of this year.