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A big thanks in advance to the CIC team members for allowing me to share the below. 

We are the social media team for the Customer Interaction Center (CIC) for SAP Active Global Support. When you think SAP CIC you may think, oh they only take inbound calls, but that's not true. The CIC has many roles and we want to introduce you to some of them. The CIC Social Media team tweets daily with advice, direction and how to navigate through our support processes. We tweet via the SAP Support Customer Experience Twitter handle ( @SAPSupportCE) because it's really all about the customer experience and how we can make it better. Our tweets always begin with #SAPCIC so when you see this, you will know who sent it out.


On screen Lyzlinn Murgia, Ilona Nowaszczuk, Catherine Lynch, and Patricia Neville in front.

We began our journey with Twitter in Q4 2013 and after a few tweaks and adjustments, we have a well-oiled team. We meet on a regular basis to go over what information would be helpful to our customers and what we need to adjust. This is an organic team, always changing, always striving to do it better.

More photos of our team members.

Pictured above from left to right: Emmy Hynes, Blumy A, Pushpa MN

Right before SAPPHIRE NOW, Kristen Scheffler visited the Lake Mary office to talk with our CIC team about our social media program.

Far left is Kristen Scheffler.  On screen are Luisa Timothy and Catherine Lynch. Far right is Patricia Neville.

We strive to bring our customer's the most relevant and helpful information on a daily basis. So we asked each team member one question.

How do you think your work creates a positive impact for other people or the world?

See their responses below.

Patricia Neville:  My work on this team creates a positive impact because we are making relevant information available for customers on the move.  Our customers have adopted the cloud, and now we need to make sure we deliver it to them in the cloud.

Pushpa MN and Blumy A: Through Twitter, we can reach out to a wider audience of customers. We can educate them about the new SAP Support Portal and provide them the opportunity to register for portal demos.  It is also an excellent medium to inform and encourage customers to utilize the trainings available in the Enterprise Support Academy.

Emma Hynes:  In my daily work I strive to create a positive energy for both my colleagues and customers.  Peoplereact to an upbeat attitude, it influences the way they communicate - I therefore aim to foster an environment of open communication and honesty that benefits all.

Ilona Nowaszczuk:  Social Media is an extra channel of contact for our customers.  Attractiveness is our daily goal by providing up to date information and news. Positive impact is our measure of success of making SAP’s customers happy.

Catherine Lynch:  Every day of work I have interactions with people/customers from all over the world. I treat each person I deal with respect greeting them with enthusiasm and going above and beyond to resolve any problems or issues they may have. I try as much as possible to ensure that every customer that I deal with has a positive experience when they contact SAP through any medium.

Luisa Timothy: The customer education I do both in CIC and on Twitter has a positive impact both for the customer and for us as Support Agents.  The customer gets to know the processes and can find solutions to their questions themselves.  They can, for instance, find information relating to how they can use the portal more efficiently to complete various tasks such as requesting license keys or to assign authorizations to other users.

So next time you see the #SAPCIC tweet, you know who's behind it!

Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @SAPSupportCE to stay up to date with SAP Support information!