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The Enterprise Small Messaging Experiment (ESME) is having quite the momentum: Read Write Web as well as ZDNetand other places have already posted about it.  And that before it has even been presented for the first time at the TechEd Demo Jam.


People are curious, see the following Tweet from today:

@dahowlett ESME? What is that and where can I look at it. about 13 hours agofrom TweetDeck in reply to dahowlett


At Community Day you will not only get the details and a behind the scenes look into the technology used, but also a session about lessons learned about how this amazing collaboration came to be.


Community(SDN) Day Las Vegas we have:

ESME , Scala, Lift roundtable  hosted by David Pollak
Meet some of the developers/people engaged with the ESME (Harpoon) Twitter for the Enterprise project.

Things that we will cover:

  • How it come to be
  • How people got engaged
  • The API for accessing ESME from desktop and server-based applications
  • An over-view of ESME's plumbing including the use of Scala's Actor's and lift's AJAX and Comet support
  • Using Scala and lift to write external services that hook up to ESME

Create your own wiki using lift - the Scala web framework

Liftis an expressive and elegant framework for writing web applications. Lift stresses the importance of security, maintainability, scalability and performance, while allowing for high levels of developer productivity. Lift open source software licensed under an Apache 2.0 license.

See a Demo

Lift borrows from the best of existing frameworks, providing

  • Seaside's highly granular sessions and security
  • Rails fast flash-to-bang
  • Django's "more than just CRUD is included"
  • Wicket's designer-friendly templating style (see Lift View First)

And because Lift applications are written in Scala, an elegant new JVM language, you can still use your favorite Java libraries and deploy to your favorite Servlet Container, including NetWeaver.

Bring your laptop and work with David Pollak, lift's lead developer, to build a wiki using lift. Prerequisites: Java 1.5 or higher and Maven 2.0.7 or higher.

ESME Requirements Roundtable hosted by David Pollak and Dennis Howlett

ESME, the Enterprise Social Messaging Experiment, is a user-driven application.  The ESME team is building a tool to optimize collaboration across teams in an Enterprise setting.  The end users, and prospective end users, of ESME are the drivers of the project.

In order to learn more about customer needs for ESME, we'll be playing some games.

Luke Hohmann, CEO of Enthiosys, will be facilitating Product Box, an Innovation Game.  Participants will be able to design their own "Product Box" for ESME and highlight the features that are important to them in a Messaging system.


I am especially looking forward to this innovation game, as it is an amazing way to do a selection process on what features to focus on next time. I wish all Influence Councils would adopt that game in their methodology.

SAP Community(SDN) Day in Berlin has the following sessions:


Scala and the lift framework hands-on: How to build a Wiki for NetWeaver CE in under an hour - Hosted by: Darren Hague

This one is similar to the David Pollak's in Las Vegas further up, and one of the SAP Mentor Hands on sessions. ((bring a laptop with NetWeaver CE Trial Edition preloaded.)


On the BPX side of the Community Day we have:


ESME: Enterprise Social Messaging Experiment - Demo of ESME, followed by a round-table discussion on features & business use-cases. - Hosted by Darren Hague, Dennis Howlett and

I am sure Richard Hirsch, once he is back from his excellent long vacation will be part of this session too.


In summary you will get the details about ESME from the core team, from the people that were there from the beginning, Darren for example started the ESME wiki, from the people that created the underlying technology like David Polak with Scala and Lift as well as many more. 


Be part of the excitement: Join Community Day in Berlin or Las Vegas. It is going to be very interesting.

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