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After my blog Configuring SPNego with ABAP datasource  (Configuring SPNego with ABAP datasource)  I got quite a few follow up questions. One big issue was that the screenshots I had made were soon out of date when using a higher SP.  Then I had a few questions about scenarios where users would have the same username in ADS and backend, about not mainting the krb5principalname in the UME and so on.   So I decided instead of answering each email with almost the same text to create an updated version of the "Configuring SPNego with ABAP datasource" blog. Here it is.   h5. Using ABAP datasource   At first (again: in response to several Emails I got) I want to quickly explain how to connect your J2EE Engine to an ABAP system. Be very carefuly about that. If you do it once, there is no turning back. (the same of course is true if you already are on ABAP -- you cannot switch to database only). If you want more details, please see {code:html}Note 718383 - NetWeaver: Supported UME Data Sources and Change Options{code}  Then make sure that you set Password never expires (please really do that: otherwise I will again get tons of emails after 90 days saying that SPNego stopped working :)). Enable also the DES encryption and you should be fine.   As a final step set the ServicePrinciaplName to the DNS name where  your J2EE Engine is running on.  Now we are done (if you want more details on all these steps, please check {code:html}Configuring and troubleshooting SPNego -- Part 1{code})  h5. The ABAP part You basically have three options here: ** UserIds are different and you want to maintain the "mapping" on ABAP ** UserIds are different and you want to maintain the "mapping" on Java h6. UserIds are the same If this is the case then you can simply follow the screenshots from the previous blog. You do not have to create and maintain additional UME attributes. Just run the SPNego wizard:(notice here: you do not have to maintain the "Mapping attribute" krb5principalname in the first step anymore) in step 3 select the prefix method and enter uniquename. That should be it.    *One comment on the uniquename.* Why are we using this attribute? Just take a look at the dataSourceConfiguration_abap.xml.