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Hi Guys,

Latest Notes in the GTS Compliance area:

With Note 2234571 , GTS will now also submit, via transaction /SAPSLL/CONLCLIC_GEN, the gross weight, net weight and unit measure of the weight, as per the BAFA requirement. The quantity and its unit of measure will be derived from the depreciated.

Note 2249359 provides a program correction to form STATUS_BAPI_MAINTAIN, the correction ensures that the compliance status determination for a document item, now  operates on a hash table type and no longer on a standard table type, which helps to improve system performance.

Performance note 2236279 (version 4) has been released now to all customers and provides a program correction to help improve system response time for the compliance check, in the case where the system creates duty lines for schedule lines for a purchase scheduling agreement.

In the Display Assigned Documents transaction (for both import and exports) incorrect results were returned in some cases, as some selection criteria (eg logical system) were ignored. Note 2236583 provides a program correction which fixes this issue.

In SPL master and business partner index generation, in some cases excluded terms which have duplicates characters were not always excluded and as a result still considered in the SPL screening. This issue is due to the min length feature not being taken in account. Note 2232413 provides a program correction for this. To know how to define minimum length for business partner address, excluded text and alias, please also refer to SAP note 1923502 and SAP KBA 1908940.

New Master Data Note:

If new partners are created in and transferred from an SAP S/4HANA On-Premise system to an SAP GTS system (side-by-side installation) and the partner was  simultaneously created in the role "Customer" and the role "Vendor"; the SAP GTS system due to a program error, creates two business partners with identical addresses. As a result, for example, sanctioned party list screening checks the same address in duplicate and the business partner must be released in duplicate. Implementing note 2246137  will now correct this issue.

Kind Regards

GTS Support