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Hi Guys,

Here is a list of the latest Compliance notes

Compliance Mgt – Document processing

Implementing note 2270637 will ensure that field labels for fields ‘Custom Product's Country of Origin’ and ‘Date of Reference Object’ will be displayed completely and properly.

In case the synchronization check for documents (TRX /SAPSLL/CUHD_FS_SYNC ) was processed for more than 1.000 documents, only the last processing package is saved, which lead to the problem that the report to reorganize documents without feeder system reference (TRX /SAPSLL/CD_REORG) doesn’t display all relevant obsolete documents. This behavior is corrected by note 2265841.

Compliance Mgt – SPL

In case asynchronous SPL screening is activated for customs documents, a DBSQL_DUPLICATE_KEY_ERROR might occur in /SAPSLL/SAPLLEGLRGI_DB_UPDATE on GTS side while manually updating BP and partner functions on ERP sales order. Please implement note 2270763 to correct this.

In GTS 11.0 there was a problem in generation of SPL audit trails for ERP documents transferred to GTS for SPL screening. This issue is fixed with note

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