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Hi Guys,

Compliance Management

So far it was not possible to simulate a compliance check for a document including a product with a BOP. This has been corrected with note 2281255.

When running the report ‘Reporting for General License’, the configured exchange rate type in the license was not considered. Note 2293494 corrects that.

Archivable SPL lists are not able to be displayed in report /SAPSLL/SPL_LIST_DISPLAY_ARCH thanks to note 2291659.

Employees and applicants have been blocked against SPL lists whose categories are not a person. This was happening, even though the customizing setting to only block against persons. This has been corrected by note 2292259.

Also, there has been an issue that a user could display blocked employees even though he did not have the appropriate configuration. Note 2294754 corrects that now.

If business partner address has been set to soft block and hard block status under two legal regulations separately, the report to display blocked business partners is not able to select this business partner address with hard block status for new sanctioned party list screening. Note 2296837 was created to correct this.

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