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Has your company gone through a merger or acquisition lately? Does your environment represent a collection of technologies, applications, and solutions that are expected to support a wide array of diverse yet critical business processes – and a variety of locations, languages, and regulations?

If you are like most companies, your IT environment is a composite of widespread operations and heterogeneous and distributed business systems – and at times, this proliferation of technologies and business solutions may seem downright unmanageable. If you’re experiencing this kind of chaos, it may be time to streamline your system landscape and reduce the operational costs and effort of this environment.

Consolidate, harmonize, and eliminate redundancies

To help you manage the complexity of your system landscapes, SAP offers a system landscape consolidation and harmonization service that will simplify your environment.

  • First, our consultants will help you assess which organizational units would be affected by a consolidation project.
  • We then develop comprehensive plans to address the needs of your specific environment.
  • And finally, using a tool-based, method-oriented approach, we provide you with a client transfer service, a system client merge service, and transfer of selected data into a defined target environment.

This consolidation service, which is offered by the System Landscape Optimization group at SAP, can be executed quickly, with minimal disruption to your business.

You’ll find that by reducing or eliminating system redundancies, you can lower the cost of maintenance and administration while shrinking total cost of ownership. Plus, the consolidation and harmonization process will help increase your company’s data quality.

A standardized, streamlined system landscape can also support continuous improvement throughout the organization, enabling the flexibility needed to quickly adapt to changing industry requirements.  

For more information on SAP Services and how to simply your IT environment, download the Consolidating and Harmonizing System Landscapes with SAP Services information sheet.