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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Nothing scares me more these days than being irrelevant, so staying relevant is a priority for me, in my personal life and career. At home, my wife and I actively listen to our children at meal time, and try to play as much Minecraft and Pokémon as our time allow so that we can join their conversations. At work, I read blogs on SCN and other online communities, meet up with people I don't usually work with, and keep adding to my skills inventory.


When individuals take the initiative to develop themselves by learning new skills and paying attention to changes, they create a ripple-effect that benefits their organizations and those around them. This shared-value model (which returns value to both individuals and the community) is especially clear with SCN's own SAP Mentor Program, whose purpose is to give recognition to top influencers who keep SAP relevant.


SAP Mentors are community influencers who keep SAP relevant.



For those not yet familiar with SAP Mentors, they are a diverse group of subject-matter experts on SCN, who are engaged on a daily basis in learning from others and sharing their own knowledge. However, their influence and reach extends beyond this community, and even beyond the SAP ecosystem. Here are some of the many examples of SAP Mentors creating ripples:


I believe the willingness of SAP Mentors to introduce important topics and initiatives keeps our community vibrant and diverse, and extends SAP into countless conversations. Community advocacy programs such as the SAP Mentors Program have the responsibility of keeping community advocates and the host organization engaged and aware of what people care about.


Finally, I want to clarify that relevance is not about popularity, fads or buzz. Rather, it is about being meaningful and making a connection. For example, it doesn't matter whether or not Minecraft and Pokémon are top selling toys - it's what my kids care about, and that's why I should care about it.

(Hand made Herobrine costume, and painted Pokémon images)


How do you stay relevant in your personal life or work?