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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

SAP Smart Business is a framework for exposing strategic (key) and operational performance indicators (KPIs, OPIs) as Fiori applications without the need to write any code. It can be used by customers, partners and SAP’s development teams for making highly aggregated analytical data accessible via Fiori Launchpad tiles.

These tiles, which can be used for showing one KPI with additional context information (trend, status via color coding etc.) can be configured for navigating to specific applications, of which a generic drill down app is part of SAP Smart Business. It allows users to do further analysis of the business data concerning various dimensions.

Smart Business is released in various flavors depending on the underlying technology platform. Specifically there are the following separate Smart Business shipments:

  • Smart Business for Suite on Hana (SoH) delivery
  • Smart Business for S/4Hana delivery
  • SAP Smart Business in HANA Cloud Platform as a service (Beta Release)

In this article, I will discuss about common problems and issues faced during installation of SAP Smart Business in Suite on HANA (SoH).

Important documents and notes:

Help document on SAP Smart Business in Suite on HANA (SoH):

Overview of SAP Smart Business Cockpit for Suite on HANA (SoH)

How to create KPI, Evaluations and Tiles

Release notes:



Installation of SAP Smart Business Products

Smart Business has 2 components needs to be installed.

  • Smart Business Modeler Apps (UI component)
  • Smart Business HANA Component

Smart Business Modeler Apps (UI component):

Based on SAPUI5 version, Smart Business UI component installation will be different.

SAPUI5 1.28:

The SAP Smart Business modeler apps product is part of the User Interface Add-On 1.0 for SAP NetWeaver.

In simple words, in this case Smart Business is bundled along with SAPUI5. Hence there is no separate Smart Business component to be installed.

SAPUI5 1.30 and onwards:

After SAPUI5 30 and wards, Smart Business UI component is separate from SAPUI5 bundle.

Smart Business UI component, to be used along with SAPUI5 1.30 and onwards is bundled under “SAP ANALYTICS FOUNDATION 1.0”.

For more information, check the SAP note 2183947 or SAP Smart Business Products Administrator's Guide

Important note:

Smart Business Modeler Apps feature documents are separate for these 2 cases.

Smart Business Modeler Apps delivered along with SAPUI5 1.28:

Smart Business Modeler Apps delivered along with SAPUI5 1.30 and onwards:

Smart Business HANA Component

Smart Business HANA content can be found in the download object SAP ANALYTICS FOUNDATION 1.0.

For more information refer to the SAP note 2183947 or SAP Smart Business Products Administrator's Guide

Smart Business KPI Modeler – Cannot load tile

After you have installed Smart Business and assigned all the roles, 8 modeler tiles appear in the Fiori Launchpad.

Sometimes, you may get the error “Cannot load tile”

Refer to this document to know how to resolve this issue.

Resolve cannot load tile error in Smart Business

Smart Business web dispatcher rules


The Smart Business apps send requests to several systems, depending on the application type and the connected system landscape.

Standard browsers have a “same origin” policy, that is, HTTPS requests for the UI data and the back-end data must communicate with just one web address.

To meet this requirement, a reverse proxy server between the client and the SAP system must be installed. The reverse proxy server acts as the only point of entry for all HTTPS requests. Depending on the requests that the app sends, the reverse proxy server selects the appropriate application server, the ABAP front-end server, SAP HANA XS, or SAP Gateway server.

SAP recommends using SAP Web Dispatcher as reverse proxy server.

Refer to Web Dispatcher configuration for more details.

KPI Tiles are not coming in Fiori Launchpad

What are the roles (HANA roles and ABAP roles) required for Smart Business Apps? How to troubleshoot if Smart Business Tiles are not visible even after assigning the roles?

To know more about this, refer to the article Smart Business KPI Tiles Not Coming in Fiori Launchpad - Troubleshooting Steps

Hope this document was helpful for you.

In case you are still facing issue with Smart Business installation or configuration, raise an incident in component CA-GTF-SB-SOH.