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COIL @ SAP TechEd & d-Code, Las Vegas and Berlin 2014

COIL @SAP TechEd & d-Code is fast approaching but for me, the prep work begins much earlier so it has felt fast approaching to me for quite a long time. There’s always much to do but we somehow manage to feature a small number of exceptionally cool things each year  to share and to draw from in order to participate in a few interesting activities during the week.

You will find us in the Info  Zone on the Show floor at the events in both Las Vegas and in Berlin. (Pods 15 and 2 to be precise.)

From the show floor Info Zone Pods, we will feature a variety of SAP Co-Innovation Lab content such as Project Sponsor and Member profiles, Project highlights from a number of projects and in Las Vegas. Our colleague Shuuji Watanabe from COIL Tokyo will be on hand to show off some cool SAP HANA infrastructure demos during the week featuring some project work COIL Tokyo did with A10 Networks.  We also provide a lot content to share with prospective new COIL members and can describe some of our current and future programs.PartnerEdge Platform Innovation Series pre-event

We’ve  got a lot of ground to cover in the Las Vegas pod where COIL Palo Alto has enabled a number of exceptional projects being pursued with Cisco, Netapp, Intel, EMC, Citrix, CA, SAS, RedHat OSIsoft, Vormetric, Virtustream, Hortonworks, Tangoe and CoreMobile.

When we aren't at the COIL Pod, we can be found elsewhere in and around the event all week.  Beginning Monday Oct. 20, COIL is participating in a SAP .  PartnerEdge Platform Innovation Series pre-event by invite only, where registered attendees can opt to join these free sessions which will run from Noon until 5:00PM. The SAP Co-Innovation Lab is pleased to co-host an event exploring creative development Big Data Solutions featuring the geospatial and graph engines in SAP HANA with our colleagues from SAP NS2.  If you are interested in this topic and looking to solve problems and gain analytical insights with data enriched with GSS, this is the place to come.

During the week, we will co-host two Expert Sessions in the Network Lounge (Wed and Thurs.) One is the very cool and timely topic of cloud security and encryption.  I encourage you to read  about this very cool COIL project in Kevin’s blog and also check out the excellent white paper.

The second explores using Citrix Receiver to work with SAP Visual Enterprise 3D from literally anywhere. Our colleagues in Berlin get the cool factor award for their expert sessions featuring some augmented reality project work with Wikitude and Marenco Swiss Consulting.


Back on the show floor in Las Vegas, we are looking to do 2 SAP TechEd Live segments. One with Cisco and CA who have been collaborating together at COIL.   I will talk to John Stone (Cisco) and Rickey King (CA) about MTR Monitoring through Remediation. This is an end-to-end automated solution for managing SAP HANA operations that Leverages SED by CA Wiley and ITPA by Cisco. This solution identifies issues around SAP HANA operations and performance, as they are just starting to occur, and then analyzes and remediates the issues, in milliseconds, before they can impact the business. 

As an offshoot from the pre event on Monday, COIL and SAP NS2 we expect to sit on some Birds of a Feather Sessions to help keep the geospatial conversation at SAP TechEd  & & d-Code continue all week.

Time permitting I want to spend time over in the hacker’s lounge as there is sure to be a lot of interest and talk on the topic of IoT and where COIL hopes to cultivate some compelling COIL project work going into 2015.

So plenty going on with COIL at this year’s event and we look forward to connecting with colleagues, partners and engaging with other attendees interested in co-innovation with SAP.