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The SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council (ESAC) 2017 is already running at full speed. This year’s program focuses on four key innovation topics where we are co-innovating with our customers:

  1. SAP Cloud Solutions

  2. Cloud Integration

  3. SAP S/4HANA Cloud

  4. Business Innovation powered by SAP Cloud Platform, focusing on IoT and SAP Fiori applications.

The SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council is open for all SAP Enterprise Support and SAP Preferred Care customers and is focused on the continuous development and improvement of SAP’s support offerings for making them 100% aligned with the needs and requirements of our customers. We still have a few open seats left, as of today we are already collaborating with 163 customers from all the regions:

Here at SAPPHIRE NOW 2017 I will meet with a few of these ESAC customers. I’m very much looking forward to learning more about their projects and what they have already achieved with the help of the Council. We also plan to produce a few ESAC customer video testimonials here in Orlando, so stay tuned for that.

I want to provide additional information about this exciting co-innovation program by sharing the following short video that I produced at the SAPPHIRE NOW conference:



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Benjamin Wilk is the social media lead for SAP Digital Business Services at SAPPHIRE NOW 2017.