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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Cloud Availability Center is the dashboard that provides you with an overview of the availability of SAP cloud services. The SAP for Me portal serves as a companion to SAP customers, providing them with personalized access and a transparent view of their entire product portfolio.

With the implementation of the Private Cloud Systems, the integration of Cloud Availability Center into SAP for Me has been completed. Let’s have a look at the new features!

Following the path > Customer Dashboard > Systems & Provisioning, you will first get an overview of your Cloud Systems and their current availability status.


The Systems & Provisioning dashboard now contains six tabs: Overview, Systems, Cloud Delivery, Availability, Connectivity, Keys and System Measurement.

In the Overview tab you will find the Availability Status for all your relevant systems.


In the Systems tab you will find your Public Cloud Systems, but also a new card for Private Cloud Systems if relevant.



In each card you will be able to look at the details for each system by clicking on the System Number.

For Cloud Systems:

  • Header information

  • Communicated Availability for Current Month and Last Month

  • Availability Reporting for the last 12 months

  • Event list (Maintenance, Unplanned Downtime, Degradation, etc.). You can select a month in the filter, or you can click on a month in the bar chart (5).


For Private Cloud Systems:

  • Communicated Availability has a color code depending on the status: green for SLA reached, red for SLA not reached.

  • Contractual System SLA is indicated there: currently 99,7% for productive systems and 95% for non-productive systems.


For more details on a specific Event, please click on the Event ID.

On the left side of the Event Details page, a notification timeline is displayed, with the option to display more information. The systems affected by the Event are listed on the right side, grouped by Data Center.


In the Availability tab you will first see whether systems are currently unavailable. You will also find the Events list and the Availability Report for all systems and for the last 12 months. You will be able to download the data into Excel using the 3 dots on the right.



Authorization Concept

You can access SAP for Me with your S-user or SAP Universal ID. There is no need to request new authorizations for existing users.


You have just learned how to find and use the new Cloud Availability features in SAP for Me. Feedback is highly appreciated. Please use the comment section for that.

For questions, please use our Q&A section.

If you are interested in upcoming features, please follow my profile and the SAP for Me tag.

You can also contact us under SAP for Me.