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As stated by Bob Stutz - Executive Vice President SAP Industry Solutions:  "We can only deliver the products customers need and solve our customers' problems if we are in constant dialog with them.  This critical customer feedback is then incorporated into the organization through the portfolio planning process, which defines the framework for future solution development.  SAP provides and will continue to provide the capabilities its customers need to solve their business challenges." 

One of the ways SAP can deliver products that customers need to solve their business issues is by working with organizations like the US-based Chemical Industry SAP User Group (CISUG):

The Chemical Industry SAP Users Group (CISUG) was formed in 2005 as a forum for sharing information and industry practices regarding SAP solutions in the chemical industry. CISUG provides a channel for providing input to SAP on solutions developments that are important and relevant to the chemical industry.

The Regulatory Compliance Working Group is one of several sub-teams formed to focus CISUG efforts on a specific area of the SAP solution set for the chemical industry. The CISUG Regulatory Compliance Working Group is a volunteer group working together on related topics and assists SAP Product Management in enabling companies to better utilize Environmental, Health and Safety related solutions for the chemical industry.

The team's discussions and recommendations address the unique compliance needs of the chemical industry:  Regulatory Compliance focuses on product commercialization, Integration of SAP ERP and SAP Global Trade Services (GTS), SAP REACH Compliance and components of SAP EHS Management, such as Substance Volume Tracking (SVT), and Industrial Hygiene (IH) for the chemical industry. It also focuses on improved understanding of regulatory compliance issues, such as regulatory order validation (SAP GTS), REACH related topics including IUCLID5 interface and Substance Volume Tracking (SAP REACH Compliance, SAP EHS Management), Globally Harmonized System, Environmental Compliance, and Industrial Hygiene (all SAP EHS Management).

On behalf of SAP, we would like to thank the Regulatory Compliance Working Group for their efforts in discussing related SAP products and to directly influence future functionality in the SAP compliance portfolio. We would like to recognize and thank these exceptional team members for their time and contributions:

  • Ina Lerner (lead) - Dow Corning
  • Gerry Schmidek (lead) - Nova Chemicals
  • Ann Drew - TechniData