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Missed SAP TechEd && d-code in Las Vegas? No problem! We've got some great videos that highlight what was showcased on the showroom floor. The first of these is called "Adoption of Innovation" in which I interview Nir Rostoker (Head of Mobile and UX Rapid Deployment Solutions) and Elvira Wallis (SVP of Solution and Knowledge Packaging) to understand how adoption of SAP innovation can be made simple.

Spoiler alert: adoption of innovation is made simple via the best practices found in SAP's rapid-deployment solutions (RDS). No matter what the topic -- Fiori, Mobile, Cloud, HANA, etc. -- the RDS team is committed to making the adoption of these innovations as simple and enjoyable as possible. Both Nir and Elvira talk about how the goal of any RDS package is to reduce risk and provide standardized, preconfigured content so that the implementation journey is safe, approachable, and consumable.

Make sure to check out the last 90 seconds because Nir compares adopting SAP innovations for the first time without an RDS to what a first-time gambler's experience might be like in Vegas. If only we had an RDS for Poker, right?!