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Community Manager
Community Manager
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In the spirit of community and taking the que from another active SDNer, Thomas Jung I am also offering a free one year Pro subscription to Flickr. Thomas made a similiar offer in his weblog concerning the ASUG 2005 Spring Conference Sessions conference.

flickr is the best way to store, sort, search and share your photos online. There is a huge mass of photos in the world, and Flickr provides a way to organize yours, and for you and your friends and family to tell your stories about them.

The challenge

Previously I posted a weblog The BSP Invasion begins...., in this weblog I talked about how I tried to encourage my fellow co-workers to learn about BSP and SDN. So in the same spirit I am offering all of you this prize for a simple (maybe not so simple) challenge. Publish a similiar weblog about how you tried to do the same thing in your company/organization.

Be so kind as to start the title of each with "CC: " in order for me to find them easier.

There is no limit to the length of the weblog, but you are required to show photos and provide information about the process and what you did. This should concern SDN and one of the following items:
  • BSP
  • WebDynpro
  • NetWeaver Development Studio
  • EP Development
You might have noticed this should be development related and your audience should be developers.

I will be asking a group of people to help me judge the entries, these people will remain anonymous until the judging is concluded.

Challenge start: May 1, 2005
Entries Due: May 31, 2005
Winner Announced: June 4, 2005

Please do not submit any weblogs before May 1, 2005 and do not submit any weblogs after May 31, 2005. Now if you choose not to be considered for the prize you are welcome to submit at anytime as it is always a pleasure to read about these things.


This challenge is being offered by Craig S. Cmehil, private individual and not affliated with any company, organization or public party. This means I'm paying for the prize out of my own pocket, which is also why I am asking others to help me judge to be sure it is objectivly done with no room for question 🙂


From Mark: To up the ante we will throw in an SAP MP3 Player/USB stick for the winner.

Very cool of SDN and SAP don't you think!!!

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