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It has been over a year since we first introduced the concepts behind central CTS here on SDN. We used this time wisely and built, what we believe to be the first step of the most powerful version of the SAP Change and Transport System ever. Over the course of the last year, we wrote a lot of code, discussed concepts, visited customers in the context of the Customer Engagement Initiative, gathered early feedback, presented a first version at SAP TechEd 2010 and made a major step towards a first delivery. However, there might be a little grain of salt here as well: our first shipment (we call it 'version one') will most likely not be available for general use, but we plan to make it available to a selected set of customers at first, who agreed to test-drive central CTS during the Customer Engagement Initiative. As we make progress with version two and its delivery, we will keep you informed about a general availability of the release.

For those, who might not really know much about central CTS, its concepts, ideas and solutions, let me give a quick recap on what we intend to deliver. From an evolutionary perspective, one could describe the growth of CTS as a step by step introduction of a set of tools able to handle more and more change management requirements that arose around SAP ecosystems.

It all started with the core CTS introduced in 1992. Over the years it was improved in an iterative fashion. Due to the fact, that system landscape grew more diverse over the years, including non-ABAP and even non-SAP systems, CTS was enhanced in 2007 to handle such landscapes with the well known and supported transport tools. A common transport system for different technologies was highly appreciated. However, it did not cover all aspects arising from divers landscapes: What about cross-technology dependent changes? What about downgrades and so-called 'over takers'? What about integration into higher level change management tools and processes? With central CTS, we plan to address some of those questions and create the next generation CTS. If you could not make it to SAP TechEd 2010, allow me to share two helpful links with you: the complete set of slides of the session ALM210: CTS – it's one tool to control your changes is available online, a live recording can be found here: Virtual SAP TechEd. Central CTS is not just an extension or enhancement of CTS, but together with CTS+ and the core CTS it constitutes the next generation CTS.

Please remember, that your feedback is honestly appreciated by the whole team developing central CTS - so keep it coming!