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BC-CCM-MON1453112CCMS agent and kernel patches08.01.2016
BC-CCM-MON-OS2180933Saposcol 721 fixes summary note07.01.2016
BC-CCM-MON2246358Unnecessary INSERTs on tables ALCLASTOOL and ALTIDTOOL06.01.2016
BC-CCM-MON2259145CCMS: Extended selfmonitoring log (Startup-Methods, Callstack of tools)05.01.2016
BC-CCM-MON-OS2227868'Last changed at' timestamp is different from the one on OS level04.01.2016
BC-CCM-MON-SLG2247878SM21: More detailed error logging during syslog collection04.01.2016
BC-CCM-MON2255348CCMSPING Logon Check not running due to existing downtimes04.01.2016
BC-CCM-MON-SLG2261817SM21: F4-Help for Message ID selection not working properly04.01.2016