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Sometimes when you are trying to generate Adobe forms using a new ADS server just installed on a Linux server you start getting errors (even test reports from SAP note 944221 are not working).

After enable ADS trace (SAP notes 846610 or 1128476) and reproduce the issue, you can see on trace file:


       error while loading shared libraries: ./

       cannot restore segment prot after reloc: Permission denied

  ** it can be another lib name.

That is happening because Selinux, so please set it as "permissive" for disabling it and reboot your server.

- Setting permissive mode:

            Edit file: /etc/selinux/config
            Change 'SELINUX'  to:  SELINUX=permissive

- After reboot, expected output:

   [root@ ~]# getenforce


Selinux "Permissive" is recommended on SAP notes 1048303 and 1496410 .