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These companies distribute your news to the media.

Creating a great press release takes work. Why limit its exposure only to people visiting your website? To get your news out into the world, you can connect with a pool of reporters, bloggers, vloggers, and content producers by using a “wire” service.

Europenewswire and PRnewswire are two examples of companies that distribute press releases to newspapers, magazines, trade journals, radio, TV, and Internet publications. A wire service may make sense if your news needs regional, national, or worldwide attention.

Step 1: Create your best press release

 Step 2: Choose a wire service

All deliver the same basic services, but some offer specializations. Some wires are better for major news outlets, while others target niche markets.

Ask your business network for recommendations.

Consider testing various services to see if one works better for your needs.

Step 3: Pay as you go or select a plan

Pay per press release.

Buy a package to distribute a limited number of press releases (like 3-5) to save money.

Invest in a subscription if you plan to share a lot of news.

Step 4: Evaluate your investment

Track responses:

  • If a reporter calls or emails for more information, ask if they’ve seen your press release.

  • Include a specific referral link in every press release to track visitors from each press release.

  • If your website collects data on “How did you hear about us?” add “press release” to the list.

 The big question

Is your announcement truly newsworthy? Does it contain compelling, concrete news that reporters can use to create a story? A few examples of “big news” categories include:

  • Being first: Launching a new product or service to the public

  • Reaching a milestone: Achieved more women than men in leadership positions

  • Catching a trend: Invested in sustainability or addressed a supply chain problem

Wire services are not for every company or announcement. But depending upon your news and intended audience, this may be an investment to expand your reach.