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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

The third and final cycle of 2021 SAP Customer Engagement Initiative (CEI) is here. The SAP Customer Engagement Initiative enables you as an SAP customer or partner, to get early insights into SAP’s product developments and directly work with the developers to define and shape future product directions. There has been a tremendous response in terms of customer registrations for the 63 projects of this cycle, which range across the complete SAP portfolio.

This is a specific call for partners to go through the projects and register to influence SAP products/applications.

SAP works closely with many partners to build and innovate. This time we have a few projects that are primarily seeking partners to influence their development. Also, there are a few projects open for partners.

The projects will be open for registration until November 12, 2021.

Projects with distinct focus on partners:

Quick Deep Dive - What is Emarsys?

Emarsys became part of the SAP Family exactly 1 year ago. In response to this surge of complexity in direct-to-customer engagements, marketing teams have adopted an increasing number of individual solutions to try and meet their customers wherever they are. However, different solutions often mean different data and reporting silos, making it hard for marketing departments to demonstrate the impact of their initiatives on core business metrics back to the leadership team. To foster long-lasting relationships and drive customer lifetime value, businesses must look at how they communicate with their customers – individually, at scale, through every step of their journey on each channel and device. The SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement solution helps them to do exactly that.

Projects welcoming partners:



A short overview about how to find and register for a CEI project can be found on

Follow-up after registration:

After you register for a project, you will be invited to an introductory call with the SAP project lead. At this point further participation is optional. Typically, all activities are governed by the Feedback Agreement with SAP.

If you are also interested in other CEI projects that are currently open for registration, see here the full list.

Thank you in advance for your participation!