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On Monday, November 17, SAP Asia Pacific Japan held a Twitter chat on Millennials and the future of work at #MillennialMyths. During the one-hour session, six panelists discussed topics from misunderstanding of Millennials, entrepreneurship, meaning of work, multi-generational collaboration to the next-generation workplace. This wide-ranging chat showcased how the influx of Millennials is reshaping current workforce and ways employers can better embrace the trend.


  • Reached 53,000 twitter accounts
  • Reached to 610,000 potential readers (impressions)
  • 414 tweets generated by 52 contributors
  • More details you can find in our recap video below and the recap report here


  • Jairo Fernandez @fernandezjairo, VP, Human Resources, SAP Asia Pacific Japan
  • Michael Teoh @michaelteoh, Malaysia National Youth Icon, Director of Thriving Talents & Co-Author of Potential Matrix
  • Corrine Ong @nuscfg, Acting Director, Centre for Future-ready Graduates, National University of Singapore
  • Evan Tan @evanaguilartan, Regional Director for Southeast Asia at
  • Kevin Wang @AIESECSingapore, Talent Management & Local Committee Development Director, AIESEC Singapore
  • Nilanjan Raghunath @DrNinaRaghunath, Lecturer and Expert on Millennials, Singapore University of Technology and Design

Noteworthy Tweets:

  • @jienebkho: Contrary to what you've read, Millennials are not just about "me, me, me".
  • @fernandezjairo: a lot of this is not generational but situational/evolutionary. life responsibilities change behaviours
  • @nuscfg: Having said that, millennials value attractive pay and work life balance amongst the Top 3 factors they seek in job.
  • @evanaguilartan: #Millennials will 1. push for businesses that do good, 2 make #freelancing the norm; & 3. change hierarchical orgs
  • @verydeepsleep: When I read about "millennials", I think we are all millennials - its a mindset to work and life. Its not defined by age.
  • @michaelteoh: Entrepreneurial = TakingAction & Innovative. Let them launch projects that help d company. Invest in them
  • @StephanLuecke: We are seeking for challenging working environments that enable us to develop personally and professionally
  • @DrNinaRaghunath: they strongly believe that social change is a product of technological change
  • @ElliotWongTC: As a millennial, it would be having the mindset to embrace change, to do things better at a quicker pace
  • @AIESECSingapore: #Millennials are constantly seeking job responsibilities that challenge them and vary in order for them to try out..
  • @tuanchoon: those who said IT is alienating are probably not #millennials
  • @maggedp: Humility from both sides (Millennials and Boomers) and the willingness to learn from one another will encourage openness and collaboration.  
  • @towkaynew: Workforce should not split by generation. It should be seen as a whole where good communication culture are fostered.
  • @smaltblu3: We prefer to have a career that we do not dread. Having a purpose makes us feel motivated to produce better work.
  • @MalloryLoone: companies today are bridging the generation gap to prepare the company and workforce to adapt for the future leaders

And...the final winner of an iPad Air 2 is @maggedp! Congratulations!!!

[<a href="" target="_blank">View the story "Twitter Chat with SAP APJ on Millennials & Future of Work: #MillennialMyths" on Storify</a>]

[<a href="" target="_blank">View the story "Twitter Chat with SAP APJ on Millennials & Future of Work: #MillennialMyths" on Storify</a>]