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There is a lot of buzz around building an audit ready systems environment, especially with the FIAR (Financial Improvement and Audit readiness) regulations.

Building an audit ready systems environment is a multi-pronged initiative delivering transaction integrity, audit trails and process controls. To provide some more clarity about these elements:

  • Transactional integrity ensures that financial transactions are accurately recorded and data integrity is assured when multiple systems exchange transactional and master data
  • Audit Trail provides robust documentary evidence for all financial transactions and ability to drill down from reported items to transactions
  • Process controls provide strong governance and alerts for controls within the various processes as well as elimination of manual data manipulation

While these appear to be pretty fundamental from the perspective of financial controls and risk management, the ability to enable these systematically is what provides huge opportunities for optimization, efficiency and effectiveness.

SAPPHIRE NOW provides an opportune forum to learn and share about these topics and more.


Meet Your Crucial Audit Readiness Objectives

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