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The world of work is experiencing a fundamental digital transformation. Mobile, cloud, social media, and Big Data technologies are reshaping how companies run and how people work. Having a skilled workforce is essential for success, but few companies empower their employees to build the right skills and knowledge.

60% of organizations experience IT skill gaps and making things worse, the half-life of skills and technical knowledge is shrinking. Consequently, only 50% of employees expect the skills they have now to be adequate in three years.

Although learning is seen as an important problem, the readiness to address it decreases, as companies are struggling to redesign their training environment and utilize new learning tools and technologies.

SAP Enterprise Support Academy puts the knowledge and skills your people need at their fingertips. Included as part of the agreement for SAP Enterprise Support, this program, at no additional cost, enables you to

  • Run your software at peak performance
  • Drive smooth end-to-end operations
  • Get your IT ready for innovation
  • Maximize the value of your SAP software

Download the complete infographic here.

Visit the SAP Enterprise Support Academy at