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“All your people must learn before you can reach for the stars.”

                                                                                - James T. Kirk

Every day, we hear and see how the world around us is changing. We are in the middle of a fundamental digital transition: mobile, cloud, social media, and big data are completely reshaping how companies run and how we work. These fast-moving trends offer opportunities to break new ground, create new markets and invent new business models – for those companies that are ready to adopt and harness the power of new technologies.

While most leaders recognize the magnitude of technological change impacting their organizations, nearly 4 in 10 executives worry that their organizations will not keep the pace with this change and lose their competitive edge (The Economist, 2012). Sound familiar?

Mind the skills gap

There has been some debate about why companies across all industries continue to struggle with the adoption of emerging technologies, but one reason is certainly the skills gap. According to a 2012 IBM report, only 1 in 10 organizations report having all of the IT skills they need; a challenge that will become only more extreme with the expected scarcity of IT resources, as a result of the demographic shift.

Today’s movement towards innovation creates a consistent demand for learning how to master the latest technology to stay ahead of the curve. Having the right skills and knowledge becomes a strategic advantage. Are you prepared?

Knowledge is power

A skilled workforce is becoming a “holy grail” in the business world, one that enables companies to join the innovation revolution. But how can the skills gap be addressed in a timely and cost effective manner? Fortunately, if you’re an SAP Enterprise Support customer, there is a comprehensive and effective enablement program that can help address this: SAP Enterprise Support Academy.

Through the SAP Enterprise Support Academy program, a deliverable of SAP Enterprise Support offered at no additional cost, you can empower your people to build the knowledge and skills that are crucial for success.

Designed for those working with SAP software, SAP Enterprise Support Academy offers a wide range of services and educational content, helping you unlock the potential and realize the full value of your SAP solution.

Build the skills that build value

Whether you want to leverage the latest mobile, social business, or big data technology, whether you want to deploy it in the cloud or on-premise, SAP Enterprise Support Academy helps you build the skills to adopt and consume new innovations quickly, while keeping your business running smoothly and successfully.

Powered by SAP Active Global Support, SAP Enterprise Support Academy addresses the following objectives:

  • Learn how to run your software solution at peak performance
  • Get guidance on how to maintain operational standards
  • Accelerate innovation throughout the organization
  • Foster collaboration between your business and IT departments

The flexible SAP Enterprise Support Academy program has proven to be beneficial for customers, as we have seen from a growing number of success stories from all industries and regions. Please read the latest stories from Hillarys Blinds Ltd. and OTE Group.

Following last year’s acknowledgement with the Technology Services Industry Association’s (TSIA) prestigious VISION AWARD 2013, SAP Enterprise Support Academy has also convinced analysts from IDC, who believe that this program is a unique and valuable offering for SAP Enterprise Support customers, one that begins a new phase in support and enablement delivery. You may read more in the IDC Insight paper “SAP Enterprise Support Academy: Training and Support, Together at Last”.

For more information, please refer to our info brochure and visit the SAP Enterprise Support Academy in the new SAP Support Portal:

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