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This has taken me a bit longer to get to than I originally hoped it would but with the SDN Meets Labs I guess my timing was just bad for this series. I hope though that you've found it useful and somewhat enlightening.

Last September I finished up the first series with straight forward BSP without using an MVC model. In this series we saw that it was quite easy to build page after page without much thought to changes for the future. With the straight BSP it was easy to rearrange, rebuild, recode and reconstruct our pages. With this current series we see that it required a bit more planning in the beginning but in the end we ended up with many more reusable components and a more flexible application.

Again in this series I showed the very basic ideas needed to get started however in many cases I did not show the best way to accomplish something in terms of performance. It is my firm belief that if you give someone trying to learn a new technology everything up front, then a few things happen:
  • They don't learn as much with a complete solution given to them
  • They tend to stick to what they've learned as you've given them too much to start with
  • The complicated and best performance solution is usually the one they won't be able to follow as they get lost trying to figure out where to start
Now of course there are expections to this as with everything but for the most part these hold true and my hope is simply to help someone get a head of the learning curve and entice them to start experimenting.

In fact during the Walldorf SDN Meets Labs conference I had a very interesting conversation with The specified item was not found.. By the way I'm still waiting for that email . Which was directly related to this. He suggested that I add more about Model binding for example. My hope was that perhaps he and I or some others could take from [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] and expand on the entire concept of BSP: Stateless Modelbinding - Proof Of Concept

That and many other topics can and should be expanded for use within BSP development.

For now though I would like to stick to the series at hand and discuss some of the various points:
  • OTR
  • Reusable Components

OTR is one of the most powerful parts of this entire development environment and if used correctly can drastically increase the effectivness and usablity of your application. The idea and ability to easily translate all text within your application. OK, data that people type in is another thing but the display text that is a huge item. You as a developer can easily make your application and then pass the translation along to others to complete. Once the translation is there you can reuse it in future applications.

Reusable Components

How many times have you done the whole copy and paste to get a code segment into a new application? How many times have you said "Hey I did that before, now where was it?". With use of the MVC concept you can easily integrate your views into various applications. I've worked on several applications of late and quite often I use the same standard set of views to accomplish what I need done. This of course is because I have one package for all of my applications.

Where does that leave us...

Hopefully this now leaves everyone with a good starting point for BSP development. If you have comments, suggestions or anything else please drop me line or write a comment.