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Of course one of the first things you will notice is that you have some missing text, if you have not done the previous series. This is because in the previous series we displayed our text using OTR, this of course will be covered shortly in depth in a following weblog.

So on our FAQ tab, we have some images in the top left which act as our menu. Having set the onClick = "MySDNImage" parameter of those image causes the BSP to activate a server side event thus sending us into processing, in this case DO_REQUEST, our main controller dispatching the input to the appropriate sub controller. The key there is to remember to append the sub controller name to the id of the object in order to read it's given value.

By selecting a row in the table, then selecting for example the edit icon our processing routines store two values into controller variables, lt_edit and lt_visible those values are then passed to the page attributes lv_edit and lv_visible these of course then activate some of the limited coding we have on the page and thus show our input fields for editing the data.

Once we've changed our data we then click the now visible save icon, once again prompting our processing routine and in the DO_HANDLE_EVENT you'll notice we do our normal ABAP style SQL commands to save the data.

The main controller in this case is only dealing with itself and the index controller as that is the one visible in the active tab. Perhaps with a little creative thinking you could come up with a nice simple way of switching between controllers without the use of tabs? Perhaps a nice tree?

The main controller becomes active only when an element within its domain is submitted, so in this case when we click a tab. This causes the main controller to process, DO_HANDLE_EVENT, the event and select the new tab and thus store it to the Model for the sub controllers to use as well.

Which brings us to one of the nicest little features you could ask for, what else?, but a direct link to the SDN weblogs. Our INITIAL data program already added in the entries for some of the webloggers and the most recent weblogs. This page also contains a link which will take us over to the setup and configuration of the select list, thus using that tab variable we programmed in. I will be going into detail on this type of technology at the Walldorf meet April 19-20, 2005.

The main feature of this page is to give us the quick ability to select one of the listed weblog entries and automatically add it to our FAQ database. This is a 3 step process, 1) select from the list what to view 2) select the weblog 3) click the add button.

We can of course add our own in as well, very easy and quick. Simply click the add button from the FAQ tab and type away.

There are several weblogs availbe on SDN which could be used to incorporate new features such as outputing to PDF, Accessibility enhancements, Email, etc. The idea behind these tutorials are for you to be able to get in there and get your feet wet but still not be in too far over your head.