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The future of business in the digital information age is now. A network of networks – across social, business, and devices – is creating revolutionary conditions which are creating new opportunities that touch every aspect of the digital value chain regardless of what industry you are in. How industries take advantage of these new opportunities vary depending on industry maturity but it is certain that many industries either are well on the way while others are just starting the journey. One of the major opportunities includes the Internet of Things (IoT) and taking this connected nature of the new economy to drive change within an industry, within a specific business and ultimately bring new business models which expand beyond traditional industry boundaries.

Over the course of the next two weeks, we will be sharing a CEO Perspective on the Internet of Things for Business for 11 industries. This series will include the top strategies to support building a successful IoT strategy that will ultimately transform your digital value chain. Topics will include industry IoT maturity, revenue opportunity, business use cases, quantified and strategic value areas, and key strategies to consider as you implement a holistic model to build upon what the Internet of Things offers.

Below are a few industry nuggets just to give you a flavor of what’s to come:

  • Chemicals: Discover precision farming, smart products, connected logistics, momentive specialty chemicals, and more
  • Retail: Read about the $326B IoT revenue opportunity and the business value at stake
  • Automotive: Learn how automotive companies are building the connected car
  • High Tech: Hear what John Chambers, Cisco’s CEO says will be bigger than anything that’s ever been done in high tech
  • Mining and Metals: Learn about the most substantial contribution to mining productivity
  • Oil and Gas: Explore predictive maintenance, connected fueling, remote service monitoring and other high value IoT use cases
  • Aerospace and Defense: Take a look at Spirit Aerosystems, Rockwell Automation, connected aircraft, and more
  • Utilities: Read why 50% of European water meters should have smart capabilities by 2020
  • Wholesale Distribution: Learn about the $168B in driving technology value
  • Industrial Machinery and Components: Caterpillar documents $9B – $18B in revenue gains with predictive maintenance
  • Travel and Transportation: Examine the Port of Hamburg and smart ports, smart fleets, and Canadian National Railway’s perspective

Make sure to check SCN Business Trends for the next two weeks to learn more about the Internet of Things for Business for your industry.

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Note:  This post originally appeared on SAP Business Innovation.