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Like every innovation, cloud computing has reached the point where it’s time for demystification.  Although early adopters in human resources (HR) are already scaling new heights with cloud, many more professionals are just as keen to understand how cloud can bring value to their company.

In a candid interview on the debut broadcast of “Firing Line with Bill Kutik,” mettling.

“We are selling software combined with data centers, combined with network infrastructure, combined with support which is enabling a customer to engage their people in an HR context. This differentiation between selling software and selling an outcome will be the great determinant between the winners and losers in the next five years.”

Not surprisingly, it all comes down to long-term relationships. Ettling said his background in the outsourcing world was the ideal preparation for a career in cloud.

“In outsourcing, you’re only as good as the last mistake you made the day before -- or not. Renewals are made and happen during the life of the contract. If you find yourself in a position where you’re selling the renewal, you’ve failed. That is so similar to the cloud world.”

In the same vein, Ettling and Kutik agreed cloud makes the vendor always responsible.

“It doesn’t matter whether the partners implemented it wrong or the network’s fallen over. In the cloud world it comes back to the vendor,” said Ettling. “Customer service models have to recognize that and enable it. You can’t have delineation between what is and isn’t the vendor’s problem. The customers want the outcome fixed and the outcome delivered.”

Upcoming episodes include an interview with david.ludlow, who will share her company’s step-by-step journey to the cloud.